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civilizations. in colorado and new mexico, native americans built thriving towns. in the rain forests of mesoamerica, the ancient maya created magnificent city-states. here three million people once lived. in the earliest cradle of civilization, ancient mesopotamian farmers once made these deserts bloom. halfway around the world, in california, are clues to understanding the fall of mesopotamia, as farmers here struggle to overcome a threat to this fertile garden land. the ruins of ancient societies may hold keys to our own survival as, out of the past, archaeologists explore one of the greatest of mysteries -- the decline and fall of grand civilizations. mission control: ignition... and liftoff. liftoff... keach: for more than five millennia, humankind has seemed to dominate earth, both creating and destroying grand civilizations. each of these human experiments has changed our planet. this high vantage point brings us a new and sobering view. for the first time, we behold our world as finite, limited. on the darkened face of earth, the lights of cities record the expansion of our ki
substories woven through this narrative of your brother, 1, your fabulous aunt character in mexico getting frosty into mexico and running around with frita caller and your discovery of apples? >> this is astonishing, are we talking about the family past apple? >> both and the way thing danagers come together, yeah. >> kind of astonishing, again working on the idea that everything is passed down in families is it or is it not or is it coincidence. my father had a difficult relationship with his father from mexico. we knew our family had this chain of nurseries from mexico. i never understood because my father would change tg subject when his name came up. our grandfather was an orchardist at the turn of the century. >> which you hadn't even known. >> i didn't know it until i discovered this at the archive when i was trying to page through all of these things. then i discovered an obituary that had been written about our grandfather when he died when we were much to young to remember him. it was very, very long in the texas at the time. it detailed every, all the rare plants, specimen plants
aseguran que su pronostico es grave. ---su esposa, quien vive en mexico, esta solicitando un permiso para viajar a estados unidos. ---la pareja tiene 4 hijos y segun sus allegados, chuc planeaba regresar a mexico con su familia antes de navidad. ---si usted tiene informacion sobre este caso, contacte a las autoridades. blanca --buenas noches les saluda blanca garza gracias por acompaÑarnos . cu ---hoy.. un grupo de estudiantes en oakland vivio momentos de tension y angustia cuando un hombre armado rondaba las instalaciones de una universidad. take 2 box ---gabriela dellan en vivo desde la sala de redaccion, nos tiene mas detalles del suceso. gaby --en efecto blanca... todo comenzo en horas de la maÑana cuando varios testigos reportaron haber visto al sospechoso.... -- esta noche la institucion abrio nuevamente despues de permanecer cerrada varias horas ,,, pero los estudiantes dicen temer que el sujeto regrese.. 0:03 0:26 0:47 take pkg sot: "27:08 we got an email saying someone in the campus with a gun 29:14 -- el dia de dallas comenzo con terror .. al recibir un correo donde le ordenab
to china malaysia and mexico into what do you want mitt romney to do? >> we basically want mitt romney to come here and explain to us why he's campaigning to create jobs when his company is outsourcing all over the world. >> it is not a new company that came out of nowhere. it's almost 100 years old. it was founded in 1916, and then texas instruments bought it in 1959. then bain capital september in in 2006, and then there is an ipo in 2010 and on schedule to close in 2012. you figure, you know, if a plant is closing things must be terrible. they have to have a reason to close because business must be horrible. look at the profits they made. in 2010 their profits were $592,000. 2011 $660,000. it's just heartbreaking. here are more stories. >> they came in and introduced their transition team. the next bullet on their meeting was by the way by the end of the the 2012 all the jobs will be moved to china. >> we all just--aah. you could hear it in the room. it was just silent the whole time. they were talking away about their company who they were, what they do. >> and then they also info
. >> this is a jewish district attorney. >> originally from mexico. his whole passion in life is corruption. the family own add discount store. that wasn't where his heart would you say. he was running this family business and his heart was exposing theing bad guy. for a reporter it became the most fantastic training ground. at dinner my father would talk non stop, the mayor is a crook, the senator is a crook, i am going to get that guy. he would have campaigns, whistle blowers, he had stocking bag stuffers. there was an extrodinary house, lucky house, very grateful for all of that who is hilariously funny. he is holder sister, anita brenner was older, worked in the "new york times" in the 1930s. there are many pictures of anita in those family scrapbooks. unfortunately my father hated his older sister, rather than getting to have wonderful times of gertrudestein in mexico, all i heard was she is a monster. they didn't speak. the idea of her, the largeness of her loomed large in the house. >> so you start out, you become a writer for all of these reasons and you are someone who compulsively takes note
elecciones, hay expertos esperando para contestarle. ♪. ♪. una red de ponografia infantil en mexico que extendia sus ♪. ♪. >>> una red de pornografÍa intantil en mÉxico, fue descubierta por la policÍa. y tenÍan nexoseo en otros paises tambiÉn. los 5 sujetos fueron detenidos. >>> y casi 1 millÓn de personas sufren mordeduras de perros en estados unidos, pero la mayorÍa puede evitarse. ahora pasamos con eduardo rodrÍguez con el informe del tiempo. >>> que tal amigos, y este serÁ uno de los Últimos dÍas de calor. por varios dÍas tuvimos estas condiciones veraniegas. pero lo principal es que tenÍamos viento norte, seco y eso provocaba temperaturas elevadas. ya se sintieron rÁfagas de 40 a 50 millas, y estos vientos continÚan hacia el norte y asÍ refrescaran las temperaturas. una tormenta que viene de alaska estarÁ llegando y traera algo de fresco. tendremos lluvias tipo invernal, condiciones de 50 grados para la maÑana. y estas condiciones se extenderan probablemente hasta el miÉrcoles. siga con este espacio de noticias. ♪. ♪. ♪. ♪. >>> y el astro lanzador de
a little bit over a thousand miles in legs from the four corners region from arizona, new mexico, colorado and california meet down to the chijuajua area of new mexico. there was one excavation along the way i remember out in the desert nears winslow, arizona. the desert out there is just a still life with a few landmarks on the horizon and this empty hole, the little colorado river desert, the painted desert, and we were working on a 500-room pueblo dating back to about 1400 ad. i just remember the wind just hailing down on us for days and you would be working down with trowels inside of a trench and if you stop for too long, the sand would start to fill up your hole again because it was blowing so much and everybody was turned away from the wind. so it looked like some kind of religious thing was going on here, all these people bowed to the ground for days and days tinkering with some unimaginable smallness in front of them while the wind just pushed harder and harder, sand blasting across you, filling up all the rooms that you just emptied out as if the desert is rolling back over itsel
condition here at san francisco general hospital. his friends tell me his wife in mexico is trying to get permission to come here because doctors say his prognosis is not good. >> he's a really really good person, and he was planning on going home. he was ready to leave, he missed his family, he wasn't planning on being here past next christmas. >> brandy is afraid her friend and co-worker may never see his wife and four children in mexico again. the popular san francisco cook is in critical condition. >> he's a beautiful person, and there's, you know, a line of people in the hallway at the hospital just waiting. >> police tell the 39-year-old in the street at 16th and valencia after breaking up a large fight around 2:00 a.m. tuesday morning. he said his heart stopped. no one is sure what happened. but friends believe he was targeted. >> bad elements of the mission. they kind of target guys who work in restaurants or who even know they carry a lot of cash in their pockets. >> he worked in several san francisco hotspots, but spent most of his time at serpentine in the dog patch. >> i worke
and the main land of mexico. and i tracked routes all the way down to the border over years and then across the mexican border into sonora and then it a place called penacate and then a dune, 5,000 square miles of sand dunes, a beautiful landscape, but no water out there. but pottery, broken pottery all over in certain places and pieces of shell left behind where you could see that the people were crossing these dunes to the sea and picking up shell and then crossing back and then moving it up to phoenix and then from phoenix distributing it throughout the rest of the southwest. the first trip i took out there, we hit this mountain range right at the edge of the dunes. and we were carrying, i don't know, on that trip we were maybe carrying 80 or 90 pounds of water and moving it out to the sand and then we'd drop a cache and then go back and get more water and drop a cache. we were trying to get to the sea of cortez, that was one of the things on our mind, but this landscape, it starts turning your mind inward or outward or it gets hard to tell which way it turns it because it's a psychologi
mexico de madres de migrantes desaparecidos.buenas tardes, les saluda jorge ramos.el jefe de la "cia" en libia reporto a washington poco despues del ataque mortal al consulado de estados unidos en libia el mes pasado que habia evidencia de que fue ejecutado por militantes y no fue un acto alta comisionada de naciones unidas para los derechos humanos reitero su preocupacion por los emigrantes asesinados, heridos o tratados de manera inhumana. y llego a reynosa la caravana de madres que buscan a sus hijos desaparecidos en mexico. mas esta tarde. ♪ >> muchos se resisten a creer que los cuadros en exhibición los pintó un niño que no tiene brazos. >> alonso barrios es un niño de 12 años acostumbrado a luchar contra la adversidad. >> no tengo ningún dolor porque nací así. >> acepta su destino, sin culpar a nadie por nacer sin brazos. >> como cualquier niño juega en su computadora, escribe a sus amigos, no se pierde partidos de fútbol. >> para mi es alegría, a pesar de su adversidad, alonso es un ejemplo a seguir, dice que no se siente una persona especial, porque sie
butter and jelly sandwiches. they contain peanut butter made by new mexico based sunland incorporated whose products were recalled because of salmonella contamination. smuckers tested its products and found no problems, but are recalling out of an abundance of caution. >>> officials say the fungus from a nationwide meningitis outbreak has also been found in unopened bottles of steroid medication. it was in one case of vials made by new england compounding center. they are at the center of a national investigation. two people have died in virginia. one in maryland. this morning at least 257 people in 15 states are sick. >>> wall street keeping a close eye on google stock today. investors want to see how it recovers from its free fall yesterday. shares of google plummeted 9% yesterday when a disappointing quarterly earnings report accidentally got released early. nasdaq suspended trading of google temporarily. the stock recovered a bit when trading resumed. google is blaming the financial printer that handles its earnings reports for the early release. >>> university of phoenix will shu
as mexico, september 16th and chile september 18th and concludes on october 15th after indigenous people's day and the san francisco unified school district includes over 3500 students in the schools, the grades prek to 12. many of who contribute not only the cultural traditions but the spanish language to enrich the lives of all students and significant number of school district employees from classroom teachers to para professionals to facility and staff and principal and administrators including mr. carranza share this heritage, where in particular, the latin american teacher association has since 1970 established as the mission to promote bi lingual and to advocate for achievement through family conferences honorable celebration and college fares, whereas the annual scholarship dinner, it has provided thousands of dollars to scholarships to deserving inner city, particularly those who cannot enroll in college without financial help. therefore be it resolved that the board of education of the san francisco unified school district come mends the school district on the 2012, heritage mo
the sandwiches macon taken peanut butter made from a new mexico supplier where salmonella was found. the outbreak sickened 39 people in 19 states. none are tied to smuckers uncrustables. >>> after 80 years, "newsweek" magazine will no longer appear in print. during those nearly nine decades "newsweek" and other "newsweek"ly set the national news agenda took its toll because of the internet. "newsweek" will only be available on the internet. another sign of the changing times. >> what great covers from that magazine too. thank you. >>> coming up on the morning news, just demolition. a massive dust storm along an interstate in oklahoma. this is the "cbs morning news". with hellmann's ♪ hellmann's is the secret to making parmesan crusted chicken... [ bell dings ] crispy so juicy so delicious it's your secret to making dinner disappear hellmann's. bring out the best >>> a dust storm worthy of the old dust bowl days. a massive storm triggered by strong winds and drought conditions caused a multi-vehicle accident in northern oklahoma yesterday. the choking dust was so thick an eight mile stretc
indeed india, pakistan, lebanon, the united states and mexico. she is the editor of living in america. poetry and fiction by south asian american writers. encounter people of asian decent in the americas her novel, braided tongue was published in 2003. i introduce rashne. >> i'm reading from a selection from a longer narrative. memory is no longer confused. it has a home land. from a farm by the late ali. sometimes the circle breaks and the woman meets the child. face-to-face. each one seeing for the first time her strength in the other. a poem by jenny. [inaudible]. after more than a year of e mails and phone conversations, amy,ling and i met at the university of wisconsin in madison. it was sometime during the mid 1980. calcutta was very hot, said amy. i wondered how our conversation about asian american literature veered to calcutta? calcutta was very hot but i got my first doll there. we spent some time in calcutta when we fled to the united states. the doll didn't look like me blond hair and blue ice bought from calcutta. she comforted me when i remember the sounds of the japane
patrulla en los ultimos 2 anos. analistas de la relacion con mexico dicen que de continuar estos incidentes se convertirian en 1 problema. christopher wilson, wilson center del lado de estados unidos si puedo entender que nuestros agentes necesitan poder usar fuerza para su defensa, eso para cualquier agente necesita poder hacer esto. pero a la vez necesitamos unos procedimientos, 1 cultura que minimiza este tipo de proteccion de aduanas y fronteras, de donde depende la patrulla fronteriza, indico que coopera totalmente cada vez que se abre 1 investigacio n. el caso de hernandez llego a washington cuando familiares en mayo pasado pidieron 1 investigacion federal. bernardo hernandez, hermano de anastasio hernandez pues las investigaciones que se han hecho, y la policia de san diego ya declaro el caso que fue 1 homicidio. la autopsia dice que es 1 homicidio, ahora queremos que de la la batalla para captar la mayoria de los votos sigue enfocandose en virginia... hoy el presidente obama se presento en la universidad de george mason y hubo actividades a favor de mitt romney... esta ve
as much as what you think. >> i was supposedly in mexico. i dropped out for a whole semester and i didn't have to prove nothing, you know. they were just like okay, he's going to mexico, that's it. and that was it. like, i was gone. like, supposedly, i was gone. >> yeah, it showed that he left and went home to mexico a couple of times and then he came back to the states to go ahead and finish his education. >> so you were never gonna go to mexico? >> no. i don't even plan on going there. i don't plan on going to mexico ever in my life. >> hmm. maybe there-- we've had some situations like that, that they say that they're gonna go back home, and then they don't, but there's no way of us covering that. so we just go on their word that they're actually going back home. but, i mean, by the looks of it, he probably didn't because, since he came back here. yeah. >> there's plenty of kids out here that do that. especially at this school, yeah. i think there's a lot. >> marcus in march was doing really well, and it lasted for two or three weeks and then he ended up disappearing. >> it's been a r
and 1.2 million refugees and they need clothes and everything. right now in mexico we've been where we have seen 50,000 people die in the last five years. we still live in a country where we have 10 million people in extreme poverty and we have illegal revjees that live here in the united states. so what would be your position on the moral obligation of the mexican government to their citizens to the war on drugs that has been going for the last five years? and i'd like to remember what the counselor of the u.n. on security said about repression which means more violence general rates more violence. so what would be your stand on the war in drugs in mexico? >> i have a feeling you're going to be a good lawyer. >> thank you. >> let me say that the drug issue is a big one in mexico and is becoming a big issue globally. last year there was a global commission on drugs headed by former president of brazil. i was on that commission. and the main point in the report was to decriminalation, not legalation, but deation because of the way laws are a plide. it doesn't work. it's got the prisons
to pull its uncrustables peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. they contain peanut butter made by new mexico based sunland incorporated. which also supplied several products to trader joe's that were recalled because of salmonella contamination. smuckers says it tests all of its products and found no problems but are recalling it out of what they call an abundance of caution. >>> coming up on 5:21 right now, a little light rain still falling out there. let's check in with tom. >> you may need an umbrella here maybe for another hour or two as we have lingering showers, but look what happened over the last 12 hours. we had a weak front come through. it triggered heavy downpours and thunder and lightning overnight. still some standing water. some of the high water mostly in montgomery county and points in washington where they had heavy rains overnight. one cluster of heavy downpours and thunder and lightning in richmond. this is advancing north and east. maybe moving into the northern neck, southern maryland over the next hour. still a few scattered sprinkles, light showers, northern virginia
and george romney's father never joined the milt because he spent much of his life in mexico because they were hiding out from the enforcement of the laws of poligamy. miles park romney fled the country, never considered joining the military of a country whose laws he found so personally oppressive. since romney men have no idea what the weight of service feels like, mitt romney was actually able to say this. he was asked how many of your sons are currently serving in the military? >> one of the ways my sons are showing support for our great country are helping is get me elected because they think i will be a great president. >> that continues to intrigue in choiring reporters. >> all of you served your church going on missions. did you ever consider serving your country by putting on a uniform? >> i think we can look at the guys who serve and say that is the biggest sacrifice. it is nothing that any of us did but we look to those guys with a tremendous amount of respect. >> do you regret that you never served? >> i look at my family and i spepd a lot of tie time at the va hospital.
. we invited him here to convert. [laughter] [applause] really, governor, your father was from mexico and you have five kids. are you sure you are not catholic? [applause] mr. president, you are not getting a free pass tonight. we arcs -- we are excited to have you here tonight. almost as excited as we were in 2008. although the catholic church does so president obama a. debt of gratitude. jesus taught us if it's easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of debt -- of heaven. say what you will about the economy. mr. president, it will be a lot easier for a lot more people to get into heaven. [applause] we recognize you have some challenges this year. it is never could when your opponent has produced more sums than you have jobs. i am pretty sure that number is accurate. paul ryan gave it to me. he is such an effective attack dog, i am worried governor romney might strap him on the roof of a car. of course, president obama wishes he could put joe biden on a car, too. the amtrak quiet car. [laughter] all kidding aside, one way
oversight on all student visas. >>> engineers at the gulf of mexico are trying to determine the source of a new sheen on the water surface. samples have been taken from the site of the deepwater horizon incident. it is believed that the oil is leaking from the so-called containment dome, which was unsuccessfully used in the crisis and is sitting on the gulf floor near the capped well. >>> and a stretch of interstate 35 near the oklahoma/kansas border, shut down during a massive dust storm has reopened. the swirling dust created near-blackout conditions along the four-lane highway, causing dozens of car wrecks. the worst was a pileup involving more than 30 vehicles. amazingly, there were a couple of injuries but no one was killed. >> thank goodness for that. >>> it is time, now, for the weather from across the nation on this friday. a stormy day on the east coast, with the heaviest rain from maryland to maine. scattered thunderstorms from the carolinas to northern florida. cool with showers but not as windy from michigan to minnesota and down to illinois. rain in the pacific northwest.
home: savoring the foods of ecuador, spain, cuba, mexico and peru just hit stores. >>thank you for filling our studio with such great smells. >>it is my expiratioloration through these cultures. >>i love to hear you say that. >>this looks difficult. >>i started a little bit before hand. i seared some chicken breast. we ahve onions, garlics carrots, red peppers. a little bit of tomato paste. add the chicken right back into it. >>on the bone here. the bone has the most flavor. >>i am going to rub the flavor back into the chicken. a few added spices. at this point. we would add some rice. some i am goin tog to stir that. this can cook for 20-30 minutes. you have a hearty hot pot of deliciousness. you have the rice, potato chicken. it is so moist. it is really about one pot cooking. once you have the ingredients it is not going to take that long. >>this is not as liquid ads others. >>you can add more soup base. it is your option. some acide and a little lemon. it will give the dish a little bit of heat. >>this is very easy to make. all of the recipes are pretty basic and a
will they develop it? after a long negotiation deny this season mexico reached a ground-breaking agreement with gas and oil resources in the gulf of mexico and we will send it to congress reaction. it lays out how the united states and mexico will manage the resources that transcend the maritime boundaries. with energy diplomacy we're focused on the second area of the engagement from helping to promote and new energy solutions including energy efficiency to meet demand and diversified and address climate change. the transformation is central to control carbon emissions. it is strong 21st century economy. we know energy transformation cannot be accomplished from government alone. fable made $15 trillion of investment to transmit electricity. governments will provide some of it it comes from the private sector which is a huge opportunity as well as a challenge. i want to make sure american workers and companies are competing for those projects. there leaders across the field of energy renewable, high tech, energy of restructure, and in the coming decades american companies should do more business wor
not to eat the peanut butter sandwiches made by a mexico supplier where salmonella was found. the outbreak sickened 35 people in 19 states. none tied to smuckers uncrustables. definitely don't want to send your kid off to school with that. >> no. >> my coworker has a sore neck. >> not from texting but it hurts. >> reporter: i'm concerned for my health as well to be honest with you because doctors do say that more and more peek are coming down with texting thumb a form of tendinitis in the thumb. experts say texters are experiencing all kinds of problems with neck and back pain, numbness, headaches. i have all those going on by the way. they suggest that after 10 minutes of texting, you take a 15-minute break and stretch. and i'm telling you, this thing is like glued to my hand. >> i have an idea. why don't we just call people? >> we don't call people anymore. >> no. >> text away, you know? >> reporter: when someone calls, i'm like what?! they say i just want to talk. >> i don't have time for this. >> all right, ashley. text you later. >> reporter: i'll text you back. [ laughter ] >> thank
, the great-grandson and the funniest when he looked to mitt romney and he said your dad is going to mexico and you have kids, are you sure you're not catholic and that got a big laugh throughout the room. i would say in terms of looking at their body and interaction, chuck, i kept an eye on them all night, not a lot of interaction. you had the cardinal obviously sitting between them. i was also shocked not a lot of interaction between president obama and ann romney. kind of a coldness there just from viewing it from afar. >> it is rough, buddy. it is a rough campaign. i had a feeling this would get uglier in the next 18 days. it was good to have them at least show the public that maybe they can still have a sense of humor. >> it seemed heart fefelt when y talked about each other's family and good to have a cardinal between them. >> neither political party right now, the operatives, have no sense of humor anymore. luke russert, thank you very much. this morning early christmas presents for political junkies. it's a string of fiery and feisty senate debates in some of the toughest senate rac
the roster of swing states change. right. new mexico was won by bush in '04, contested in '08 and this time around the republicans are not contesting it. arizona is just out of reach for the democrats. it will become in reach pretty soon and i think you know, maybe 20 years it will be a democratic state. >> which is -- there was some talk in, you know, election cycles from not too too many election cycles from now, maybe texas will be a state where democrats -- >> but on the other hand, missouri, arkansas, west virginia are gone. >> they're gone and not coming back. >> right. >> i mean, i think, you know, republican party is right to be kind of panicky about this. these parties are flexible and there are obvious paths to fixing it. is president romney gets done comprehensive immigration reform and an enormous amount of political pressure to do that if he wants to get reelected. >> worth noting, andrew ross is sorkin in terms of money in this race, i thought this was interesting, from an obama campaign aide this is reported in play book this morning -- we were talking before this show began,
. they contain peanut butter made by new mexico based sun land incorporated, which also supplied several products to trader joe's that were recalled because of salmonella contamination. smuckers says it tests all of its products and found no problems, but it's recalling these uncrustables out of what they call an abundance of caution. >>> getting stuffed this thanksgiving will leave you even lighter this year. your holiday feast will cost you about 15% more this year. turkey prices, they're up 20%. dairy products up 10%. apple prices shot up the most. they're up 30%. the new year won't bring any relief either. economists say the biggest food price increases will come next february. >> at least it will cost you a little less to drive to the supermarket. we're finally seeing a little relief at the gas pump now. the national average for a gallon of regular has fallen for the 11th straight day. overnight it fell 2 cents to $3.72 according to aaa. in d.c. it will cost you $3.85 on average to buy a gallon of regular. gas is almost 20 cents less in maryland, $3.67 a gallon right now. even lower in virgi
the gulf of mexico. we had the heavy downpours overnight and going to continue to watch. this stuff sweep through us. here's the stuff i'm concerned that could get into southern maryland here in a few hours. headed in our direction. not out of the woods just yet but a nice lull for the moment. 74 and some showers on and off through mid-morning, better afternoon. tonight we're falling into the 50s and 40s in the suburbs. pleasant this weekend with highs in the mid 60s saturday and sunday and then monday back in the 70s at least for the first half of next week. >>> you know, it has not been much fun on the inner loop of the beltway this morning. at about 1:00 this morning, a tractor-trailer hit a guardrail before route 355 and got stuck there. then a little later, another tractor-trailer came by and didn't realize that there was an accident there. jackknifed and also had a fuel spill. to that's why you're dealing with all of the slow traffic on the inner loop that's eastbound 495 trying to get toward route 355 here. in fact let's just go to the live picture on the inner loop of the beltway
this year after a long negotiation lead by the state department, the united states and mexico reached a ground breaking agreement on oil and gas resources in the gulf of mexico. and we will be sending it to congress for action soon. the agreement clearly lays out how the united states and america will manage the that transcend our maritime boundary. in addition to the these examples of energy diplomacy, we're focused on the second area of engagement, energy transformation. helping to promote new energy solutions including renewables and energy efficiency to meet rising demand. diversify the global energy supply and address climate change. the transformation to cleaner energy is central to reducing the world's carbon emissions. and it is the core of a strong 21st century global economy. but we know very well that energy transformation cannot be accomplished by governments alone. in the next twenty five years, the world is going to need up to $15 trillion in investment to generate and transmit electricity. governments can and will provide some of it, but most will come from the private
and the coast guard say a sheen on the gulf of mexico isn't from the sealed mccondo well which was the site of the 2010 oil spill. they say it's likely from oil seeking out of a piece of discarded equipment that tried to fail to continue the spill. relief well isn't leaking either. it's the third time since 2010 that bp has confirmed the mccondo well isn't leaking. >>> and president obama and mitt romney will face off yet once more debate style on monday. but the two were in the same room thursday night for the annual al smith charity dinner, a traditional appearance for politicians during election season. dressed in their white tie best, they greeted each other warmly, traded jokes and yet took a couple digs at each other's expense. >> this is the third time that governor romney and i have met recently. as you may have noticed, i had a lot more energy in our second debate, i felt well rested after the nice nap i had in the first debate. >> i'm glad to be able to join in this venerable from a decision. of course i'm pleased that the president's here. we were chatting pleasantly this evening
morning. something special you're working on? >> we are going to have bill richardson, former new mexico governor, a democrat who ran for president as well as newt gingrich. they're going to engage in a predebate debate about foreign policy. >> are you going to moderate that? >> yes, i am. >> we're looking forward to it. >> we're also going to talk about who's going to win virginia with senator mark weste wernor -- davis, tom davis. we'll talk about virginia and where it's going. >> you've had a busy week. >> i need a little more sleep. >> 9:00 a.m. sunday morning we'll be watching. thanks very, very much. and stay with cnn to watch the third and final presidential debate in florida on monday. our special coverage begins right after "the situation room" 7:00 p.m. eastern monday night. michelle obama's campaigning in wisconsin. and she's about to speak in a few minutes. when it happens, we're going there live. plus, could president obama trail in national polls but still win the election? the answer may lie in the unemployment numbers from some key swing states. ihang mountain, hand-carve
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